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The 5th generation GOST Nav-Tracker website is an advanced web-based application that allows users to monitor GOST’s wide range of Inmarsat Satellite based GPS Tracking, Security & Monitoring systems from anywhere in the world. The new site continues to offer the distinctive capability of 2 way communication with the Nav-Tracker unit.

Users can arm/disarm the unit, increase reporting intervals, poll the unit and even drive a relay to turn on/off ANY A/C or D/C function on the vessel with the click of a mouse. The user friendly website incorporates both Google and Bing mapping applications with the ability to change from Road to Satellite to Hybrid view. Users can create several types of website based geo-fences by drawing right on the mapping software to send alerts when the vessel travels outside a defined route or when it enters or exits a predefined geo-fence.


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Remotely monitor all activities onboard the vessel from anywhere in the world over the internet via the GOST Watch HD website or iPhone/Android apps. Watch live video of the vessel as it leaves the harbor or view activities on the bridge or in the engine room via the GOST Watch HD iPhone &  Android apps. Cameras can be set to record clips to the website based on motion detection and sent via email to a computer or mobile phone.