GOST EZ Tracker

GOST EZ-Tracker 1.0
The GOST EZ-Tracker 1.0 is 100% self sustaining and does not need to be connected to external power due to its long life lithium ion battery.

It can send 2 reports a day for up to 5 years and is perfect for deployment where there is no external power source.

The GOST EZ-Tracker 1.0 uses the same 5th generation GOST NAV-TRACKER website and it has the same new website based geo-fence functions, but it does not have the traditional system based geo-fence functions the GOST NAV-TRACKER family has.

The other difference between the GOST EZ-Tracker 1.0 System and the GOST Nav-Tracker Systems is that between position reports, the GOST EZ-Tracker 1.0 goes into sleep mode and can not be communicated with. It will wake up to send position reports at predefined intervals and will also wake up once a day to receive any messages sent to it over the previous 24 hours. A typical message sent to the unit would be to change its reporting interval. The GOST EZ Tracker 1.0 terminal incorporates magnetic feet and fixed mounting points, providing flexibility for the user to monitor transitory or fixed assets.

GOST EZ Tracker 2.0
Boat GPS Fleet TrackingThe GOST EZ-Tracker 2.0 is the same size as the original version and uses the same hardware and 5th generation website but has the added features of a sensor input, an on/off key switch and a rechargeable battery. When the unit is set to report every 6 hours the battery will last for up to 6 months between charges.

The EZ-Tracker 2.0 has one external interface connector which is used to connect a sensor, panic button and to charge the unit. It also has a key switch that allows you to switch the terminal “On” and “Off.” This helps preserve the life of the battery when the terminal is not in use.

When the sensor or panic button is activated the unit will generate an ‘in alarm’ message with the vessels name, latitude, longitude, speed & heading, and will continue to do so at whatever interval is selected on the website for the next 4 hours. After 4 hours the unit will revert back to standard tracking messages at the normal reporting interval.

GOST EZ Tracker 3.0
Includes an EZ Tracker 2.0 andeztracker-thumb
a Proximity Switch & Actuator (see image below)


GOST EZ Tracker 4.0
Includes an EZ Tracker 2.0panic-button
and a Panic Button






Technical Specifications for all EZ-Tracker Units

Physical Dimensions: 247 mm x 178 mm x 48mm
Environmental Temperature:
-35°C to +55°C
≤95% @ +40°C, non-condensing
Ingress Protection Rating:
Elevation Angle Range:
0° to 90 °
GPS Channels:
Time to first fix (typical):
Cold start <29s
Hot start <1s (GPS off <2 hrs)

Accuracy (SA Off): Position (CEP, 2D) 2.5m (Typical)
Dynamic capability: Velocity 515m/s
Max Acceleration ≤4g
Maximum update rate: 1s
Single unit power supply:
Input range 90~264V/47~63 HZ
Output range 9V~24V/2.1A~5A(50W max)
Certification: Inmarsat Type Approved,
FCC Compliant, CE

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