GOST Watch HD IVRGOST Watch HD 1TB IVR (Internet Video Recorders)
Record up to 90 days of continuous video playback and control online, installed with plug-and-play ease. The GOST Watch HD IVR 1TB Internet Video Recorder (GWHD IVR 1TB), will continuously record and store up to 90* days of video from up to six cameras, for easy retrieval and viewing on the GOST Watch HD website. These highly advanced IVRs support high-resolution video from any GOST or 3rd party cameras connected to the GOST Watch HD Analog to Digital Gateways (GWHD-A/D-Gateway).

Video is stored at the highest resolution produced by those units: VGA RES (704 X 480) at up to 30 FPS using custom MPEG4 Compression. Up to four cameras’ video can be continuously recorded at the fastest frame rate of 20 FPS (frames per second). If the maximum of 6 cameras are used, the frame rate will be only slightly reduced dynamically (Maximum storage capacity may be increased in cases where there is little activity in front of the camera as the IVR uses custom MPEG4 compression technology).

A great feature of the GOST Watch HD IVRs is that they are connected to the same local network as the cameras while collecting the video, so they work without using the data from on board cellular or satellite based Internet connections. While the GWHD IVRs provide local storage for added protection, the video can be remotely accessed, viewed or downloaded through the password-protected GOST Watch HD website which offers user-friendly navigation aids, quick-review/locate/calendar-lookup tools, time-/date stamped video and an easy-to-use file-export utility. It is possible to login to the IVR on board through the website, and stay connected through the IP address if the Internet connection is lost.

*Actual recording time may vary depending on what is in view of the cameras being recorded.


Video Channels: Up to 6 cameras or 120 frames/sec max at 720×480
Capacity: Up to 90* days with the GWHD 1TB with max of 6 cameras 24/7 (Variable frame rate ~20fps).
Recording Mode: Continuous
File Format: MPEG-4
Internet: Recording is maintained even if Internet connection is not available. If the local network is available the system will continue to store video.
Playback: Playback and other functions available via GOST Watch HD website.
Playback Mode: PLAY, PAUSE, FWD, REW, STOP
Video Search: Search by date, time, alarm events
Video Clip Export: Recorded files can be downloaded to the client’s PC from the website and burned to DVD’s.

Live View
Video Compression: MPEG-4
Resolution: Same as the configured resolution of the cameras
Frame Rate: Up to 30 fps x camera
IP Configuration: DHCP Client, Static IP.
Plug and Play: Yes

Operating System: Embedded Linux
Client Support: Any Browser and Operating system via GOST Watch HD website
Security: Username and Password SSL Authentication

Boat SurveillanceHardware:
CPU: Marvell 88F5182, 500MHz
Flash: 16 MB
HDD Interface: Support two 3.5” STAT-II drives (Ships with pre-installed 1TB HD) for the IVR 1TB
LAN: Marvell 88E1118, GIGA PHYRGMII, 10/100/1000 BaseT, Auto-MDIX
LED indicators: Ready/Status, Ethernet, Disk Act, Disk Full, Disk 1, Disk 2, USB 1,USB 2
Connector: Ethernet RJ-45, 2xUSB, DC Power, Reset, Power Switch
Power Adapter: 12V/5A, 100~240 VAC
Certification: CE/FCC
Dimension: 7.5” (W) x 7.1” (H) x 3.75” (L) (190mm x 180mm x 95mm)
*Actual recording time may vary depending on
what is in view of the cameras being recorded.

Boat Surveillance