GOST Sirens




Water Resistant Siren
GOST Acoustics Standard Dual Tone Water Resistant Siren, 30 Watt

Boat Alarms MiamiWater Resistant Mini Siren
GOST Acoustics Mini Water Resistant Super Loud Multi Tone marine siren, 125db 20 Watt. The advantage of this siren is its small size. Measuring just 3in x 3in x 3in this mini siren can be installed under the gunwale or virtually anywhere else on the vessel.


GMM-SRN-STRWater Resistant Siren / Strobe
This is our new weatherproof, wireless 100dB siren with a built-in super bright strobe. The strobe lens is available in 4 colors (red, blue, amber, and clear). It can be powered using three D batteries, or with an AC or DC power supply. This wireless strobe siren is compatible with our GOST Phantom, GOST Insight HD & GOST NT-Evolution Systems.


Boat Alarms Miami