GOST Wireless Water Resistant Accessories



Water Resistant Wireless Relay
The GMM-IP67-RLY-Z1 is the Water Resistant version of the GMM-RLY-Z1 and is for use on the exterior of vessels or on vessels where everything has the potential to get wet, like on a center console.

GMM-RLY-Z1 2-Way Wireless Relay Features

• Arm, Stay and Ready status LEDs
• 1 programmable 5A relay output
• Universal transmitter input (N.O./N.C.)
• Backup Alarm Reporting option (activates GMM-RLY-Z1 output if communication between the Phantom console and the GMM-RLY-Z1 is lost)
Wireless range in a typical marine environment: 35m (115ft) with GOST Phantom or GOST Insight that can be extended to 70m (230ft) with the Wireless Repeater
Dimensions of non water resistant version: 12.5cm x 4.6cm x 2.5cm (4.9in x 1.8in x 1.0in)

Commercial Wireless Repeater with Power Supply and Back-up Battery
Vessel Tracking
GOST Commercial Maritime IP-Rated Wireless Repeater in Heavy Duty FiberglassEnclosure with 120 or 240 VAC Power Supply & Battery Back up. Extends wireless range 250feet in any direction within line of sight. This water resistant wireless repeater doubles the wireless range of the GOST NT-Evolution 2.0 (up to 250ft). This device can come in handy on 80+ foot vessels where diamond plating, metallic sound proofing, or multiple bulkheads may diminish wireless range on board or if the boat is made of metal. It operates on 433 MHz and is fully compatible with the full line of wireless sensors, relays, and/or keypads. The unit is housed in its own water resistant IP enclosure, complete with a lead acid battery backup, and a 6ft power cable.
Wireless Water Resistant Keypad

Wireless Water Resistant Keypad

32-Zone Wireless Fixed LCD Keypad
Powered by 2 “AA” batteries, with built-in backup battery (GP-WKPD-ADP is optional) Our 32-Zone Wireless LCD Keypad is compatible with GOST Phantom & GOST Phantom Insight HD. It features the added convenience of multiple locations to control the system without the need to hardwire another keypad. It will display 32-zones in 2 partitions on the LCD display, 3 panic alarm buttons, allows users to view each zone in live mode, and much more. Powered of 2 “AA” batteries, with built in back up battery and can also be powered with optional GP-WKPD-ADP power adapter.

Vessel Tracking